Q: What is Airbrush Tanning?

A: The body is gently airbrushed with a fine spray mist using a UV-free sunless tanning solution.  The active ingredient in the solution is a colorless sugar DHA "which has been FDA approved for more than 30 years" which naturally darkens the skin. This special formula works by interacting with the natural amino acids in the dead surface cells found in the outermost layer of the skin. This produces a color change which resembles a natural tan.  As the dead skin cells gradually wear off, the color slowly fades -  just like a genuine sun tan. This does not cause damage to the underlying living layers of skin. There is a guide color in the spray solution so you will be able to see color right away.


Q: Will A spray tan protect me from getting a sunburn?

A: No! When going into the sun, you must always wear sun protection.  I recommend a creamy sunscreen, not the aerosol cans. Rubbing down with sunscreen will also protect your tan from the salty ocean water or pool water.  Use a towel to lightly pat dry when getting out.


Q: How does this spray tan work?  what is the active ingredient?

A: DHA is the active ingredient in the sunless spray tan and in over-the-counter spray tans.
According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the most effective sunless tanning products contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as the active ingredient. DHA is a colorless chemical derived from glycerin that interacts with the amino acids in dead skin cells to produce a brown color-change. Since these dead skin cells are constantly being shed, the color change produced by DHA usually lasts about 5-7 days. DHA is not absorbed through the skin into the body and it has no known toxicity. DHA was first discovered by the Germans in the late 1920's when DHA spilled on the skin produced a brown color. DHA has been listed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 1973 and has been used in cosmetic preparations for almost 30 years.


Q: Will I turn orange or streak?

 A: No, you won’t. We have one of the best products on the market and it produces a very natural color - you will be amazed! Sunless tanning has come a long way from those old days. You can get a streak if you get wet during the initial drying phase so you don't want to get wet or sweat for the first 10 hours after your application or you could get streaks.


Q: How long will my sunless tanning session take?

A: We allow 30 minutes per appointment. It takes about 20 minutes for the entire process to be completed. The first 10 minutes cover the application of the tanning solution to your skin and it takes approximately 10 more minutes for complete drying, dressing and payment.


Q: what can I  do to assure that I get the best spray tan?

A: One of the most important things that you must do is to thoroughly exfoliate before spray tanning with an oil free soap. The shallower the dead skin layer on the surface of your skin, the more time it will take for this layer to build up before it starts rubbing off. That means the better the exfoliation, the more even your tan will be throughout it's life and the longer it will last. Exfoliation mitts, to help scrub the skin, are very helpful.  Of course, it is just as vital to moisturize every day after spray tanning in order to keep your skin from drying out and exfoliating prematurely.


Q: How brown will I get?

A: Everybody’s skin develops its' own individual color. Some people go very brown while others get just a glow. Let it stay on your skin for at least 6 hours - over night is best . Rapid solutions can be rinsed quicker. We suggest wearing long PJs to protect your sheets (if you get bronzer on your sheets, it will wash out.  You can wash your face off with damp wash cloth earlier than you shower your body. If you are leaving on a trip and want to be super tan, I recommend getting a spray tan 5 days before you leave and then spray again 2 days prior to departure. How long you leave the solution on depends on the solution used as different solutions provide different hues. We have a Bride color, which is very subtle, and we have a Honolulu color that will get you much darker.


Q: What should I do after my session?

A: Wear loose-fitting, dark clothing for at least 6 hours - depending on the solution you chose. Do not shower, work out, or do any activity that causes sweating for the same period of time. This allows the solution optimal time to react with the amino acids in the skin, encouraging a smooth, even tan. If you feel tacky, you can use a blush brush to apply some baby powder.


Q:  I usually break out in freckles when I try to tan. Will the tanning solution make my freckles come out too?

A: There is nothing in the tanning solution that will cause more freckles to break out. In fact, in most cases, freckles and blemishes will become less pronounced because the lighter skin areas will darken and reduce the color differentiation between the blemishes and the rest of your skin.


Q: Does the solution have an unpleasant smell like some self-tanners on the market?

A: The particular solution I use does not have an odor - it's very faint at best. My solutions are not at all like the over-the-counter tanners that have very strong distinct tanner smells.


Q: I had A bad experience with a spray tan before. Should I assume that spray tanning is not for me?

A: No, there are many factors that could effect your tan; the skill of the technician, the quality of the solution, your skin condition at the time and how you cared for your tan after the spray.

Also, remember that the spray tanning solution is a cosmetic and so the particular one that you may have used  might not be acceptable for your skin.

Think of your spray tan as an accessory its just a fun look, like wearing a hat.

Q: My spray tan is peeling on my chest!

A: A very rare occurrence but it has happened.The probable answer is your perfume is causing peeling. It doesnt matter if it was applied  before or after the session or if you had a shower and scrubbed before your spray tan. Some perfumes just permeate the skin so deeply that they cause this strange problem. Try spraying your perfume on your clothes while you are sporting your tan, not on your skin. Peeling could also be caused by using anti-aging lotions that are applied on your neck and chest. These lotions can break down the outer layer of your skin which can cause the tan to peel off.

Q: I had a spray tan in a booth, is custom spray tanning the same?

A: Spray tanning in a booth/machine can be a intimidating experience - the spray is intense and overwhelming with over-spray! Some people prefer it as it is completely private, but streaks are more common with a  machine spray than with a custom airbrush spray.


Q: Can I spray tan if I am pregnant?

A: That is up to you and your doctor to decide.


Q: Can I go swimming and in a hot tub after spray tanning?

A:  Chlorinated water will bleach your tan really quickly. Salt water swims are actually better and if you have your sunscreen applied,  it will actually protect your tan somewhat when in the water. If you wanna take a dip, take a dip!  The longer you soak yourself, the faster your tan will start to fade. Three things fade your spray tan faster: pool water, ocean water and sweat.

Q: Do people get allergic reactions to spray tans?

A: Approximately 1% of people could get an allergic reaction. If you are allergic to over-the -counter self-tanners, you could be allergic to a spray tan solution. If you would like a ingredient list, please ask.


Q: How long will the tan last?

A: Depending on how well you prepare, and take care of your spray tan afterwards, your tan should last 5-10 days.  Most important is to moisturize! When your skin is dry the tan will start to flake off. Remember use a simple lotion, nothing anti-aging or pure oil. I personally use Nivea.

Q: How soon after the spray tan can I shower?

A: Wait for at least 6 hours. Over night is best. It depends what solution you are using, the rapid solutions you can rinse sooner.  If you want your face less tan, you can rinse your face off with a wet wash cloth to stop the tan process in that area. If you desire a light tan shower at 6 hours, darker color leave it on longer.

Q: My last spray tan was different than the previous one, even though you did my last spray tan?

A: Again, it comes down to your skin. Your skin is a living thing and is affected by many things such as: time of the month, season, food you eat, stress, hydration, medication you take etc. If your tan is different, even though solution used was the same, the most probable cause is the condition of your skin.

Q: Why do some areas of my tan fade faster than others?

A: Your face will fade first, usually, as we wash our face more often, the skin is softer and exfoliates quickrt. Your make up and your face lotions can also cause the tan to fade faster. Tight jeans/clothing can cause friction which can then cause your tan to fade faster in those areas.  Don’t be afraid to apply over-the-counter tanners (such as Loreal Sublime Gel is decent, St. Tropez products) to the areas that are fading, such as your legs in order to keep the tan lasting longer.

Q: Do men spray tan too?

A: Of course they do! Men look fantastic with a tan, and if they have a receding hair line, a spray tan can really help mask that. Men are required to wear a swim suit during their spray tan.


Q: Where do I not want the spray tan solution?

A: We recommend keeping your eyes closed during the spraying process. membranes.  We have nose filters for sale and masks if you chose. I do recommend women to wear a bottom, however tops are optional. You do NOT want the solution to get on the inside of your hands.  That can happen if you touch your skin during the drying phase. So just keep hand-sanitizer around to clean your hands.


Q: Will my prior sun damage or age spots turn a darker brown?

If you exfoliate your skin really well before the spray tan session, this should not happen. Also, moisturize really well the day before.  If you do notice a spot turning  browner than you remember, use a Q-tip and dip it in makeup remover and dab it on the brown spot that should lighten the spot.