How it Works

If you have never had a spray tan, this will put your mind to rest.


STEP 1: Book your Appointment

Appointments are booked on the half hour. In the beauty world, your spray tan should be the last thing you get done. Do your wax, manicure and pedicure before your spray tan. The spraying really only takes 10-12 minutes and the rest of the time is allowed for preparing, drying, dressing and payment. Please be punctual as I usually have another appointment booked right after you. If you have an event on a Saturday, I recommend spraying on a Thursday. If your leaving for a tropical vacation, spraying the day before you go is okay too. NEVER book your spray tan for the same day of the event your looking to get color for - the color takes time to develop.


STEP 2: Prepare for your tan.

The day or two before your spray tan, make sure to shave your legs and exfoliate really well.

Get all that dry skin off! Take a good, hot shower, then dry your skin with a cotton towel really well and moisturize your skin with lotion.

If you use an exfoliate lotion, make sure to rinse the residue off really well so no oil left on.


Step 3: the day of your apppointment

It is the day of your spray tan appointment! Make sure you do not have any deodorant on or heavy moisturizer. Clean, hydrated, smooth skin is what we want.

Come to your appointment wearing dark, loose clothes. Wear a T-shirt, shorts, flip flops or a sun dress that is easy on-off. If possible, wear something you can get away without having to put your bra back on. Please leave your jewelry at home. We have clips and ties to pin your hair up- which can be done in the studio.

Think of what you want to wear while being sprayed?  Underwear? Thong? Old bikini bottom and top? Most people go topless but wear a bottom. We can provide a disposable thong to use but your own thong will look better for a good tan line. A skimpy, cheeky bikini leaves the best tan lines. Our solution will wash out of most items, however,don't bring your favorite light colored clothing - a darker color is best.

You will see the tan immediately but the color will develop more over the next 6-12 hours. After 10-15 hours, take a quick rinse in the shower and then moisturize with lotion. You will not be able to swim, sweat, bathe or exercise for at least 8 to 12 hours – so plan accordingly.

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